About Dessin Academy

About Dessin Academy Institute Of Fine Arts

Dessin Academy is the leading institute which provides training in drawing and painting. We provide specific solution for people of all ages – starting from children as young as 4 years to adults.

ART is a " Universal Language of Communication ". Art is also considered as one of the most important toolsfor overall growth of a healthy child. It acts as a catalyst in bringing out an individual’simagination, creativity, patience, discipline etc. and further helps in boosting the self-confidence of the individual.
Dessin Academy, started in 2004 in Chennai, has now successfully grown to become one of the leading art institutes in India. This art fraternity, which initially began as a drawing and painting class for children, also offers professional courses for adults. Dessin Academy has more than 50 branches spread all over Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andaman and Nicobar Islands with more than 1500 students studying init. Every student is taught the basic nuances of art in the beginning and the students learn and develop their art skills in a very organized way. Every student here undergoes a gradual progress starting with pencil drawing moving on to pen drawing and then to pastels. Once the student masters it, he/she moves on to water colour, acrylic painting and then to oil painting . Studying portraits, still life objects and outdoor study is also an integral part of the learning process.
Dessin Academy became anapproved institution of Tamil Nadu University since 2016. It offers Certificate course for standard 5 students and Diploma course for standard 8 students. The academy has earned its reputation through knowledgeable faculty members, interactive classroom atmosphere and by providing its students with learning resources of high standards. Exhibitions are conducted on a regular basis further enhancing the enthusiasm and confidence of the students. They also benefit from the experiences of established artists through workshops held as a part of the curriculum . Dessin Academy students have won various International, National and State Level awards and have also made world records.
Director’s message
Our goal is to change the world through art. It is what motivates the work of everyone at Dessin Academy — from faculty and staff, to students and alumni. We strive to bring the best of everyone in the field of drawing and painting. To identify each and everyone’s choice of style and foster them in the chosen area is our primary goal. We believe to be a source of inspiration for our students to paint their stories. Come and join us in our celebration of art!!!
- Mr. R. Rajendran MFA.
Director of Dessin Academy

Our Mission

To spread the knowledge of ART by reaching out to every big and small place, let it be a city or a village or a small town and to hence teach every individual to be creative in their own way and in their own turfs.

Our Vision

To set up branches of Dessin Academy all over the world so as to provide opportunity for every individual a chance to learn and explore the field of ART.