About Dessin School of Arts

About Dessin School of Arts

Dessin School of Arts

Dessin School of Arts Since 2004. Is the first and only standardized, methodical and efficient art programme that aims to develop the Imagine, innovate and creative of children. The founder of Dessin School of Arts Mr.R Rajendran & Director of Dessin School of Arts Mrs. Sudha Rajendran has a philosophy is “Creativity & Innovation’ can never be separated, one needs the other to function as a team to creative our potentiality”. Dessin School of Arts has expertise over 1738 children across the Sphere . Dessin School of Arts has done extensive analysis in the advancement of the step by step art syllabus which has been a trendsetter the Dessin School of Arts method of learning is uniquely creative & enjoyable, and has helped children to grow innovatively. This gives them the determination to shine in school and nation. Dessin School of Arts exhibit the students talent by conducting the exhibition “colourful expression “

" Dessin School of Arts "
“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistake in art. Dessin School of Arts is knowing which ones to keep”

“ Creativity is the generation and initial development of new, useful ideas, Innovation is the successful implementation of those ideas in an Dessin School of Arts Thus, no innovation is possible without the creative process ; identifying the talents of the upcoming buds, exploring the validity of those ideas, pull the opportunities and teach how to utilize them”
“When motivation is purposeful, creativity blossoms. When Creativity Blossoms , Innovation emanates. When innovation emanates,Art is fully lit. When art is lit, number of flowishes in the whole world."

Our Mission

To spread the knowledge of ART by reaching out to every big and small place, let it be a city or a village or a small town and to hence teach every individual to be creative in their own way and in their own turfs.

Our Vision

To set up branches of Dessin School of Arts all over the world so as to provide opportunity for every individual a chance to learn and explore the field of ART.